Nordic Networking Webinar

– Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 09.00 am–12.00 am (CET)

NAF, Nordic Accountant Federation, would like to invite you to a webinar about important trends for the future of the accounting industry. Which are the new services? Who are the new players? What is the role of AI and robots in the near future? How can we sell advisory services? These are important areas that will affect how the future of accounting and the profession will develop!

NAF, Nordic Accountant Federation, is a collaboration between the accounting organisations from Sweden, Norway and Finland. NAF is a platform for more than 15 000 authorized accountants and is also developing principles and standards for professional accountants in the nordic countries.


09:00-09:05 – Opening webinar by moderator Mikael Carlson, Srf konsulterna

09:05-09:20 – Trends and new players in the industry
Katarina Klingspor, Chairman Srf konsulterna

09:20-09:30 – Important projects for the Nordic accounting business
Mikael Carlson, Senior advisor Srf konsulterna

09:30-09:55 – Automatic accounting: why the robot is your friend
Ulf Bokelund Svensson, CEO Björn Lundén

09:55-10:05 – Paus

10:05-10:30 – Sales & Marketing and target groups in the Nordic countries
Olav Abel Lindberg, Chief Sales Officer Azets

10:30-11:00 – Successful Advisory
Anu Tieaho, CEO Pohjanmaan Ekonomitoimisto Oy

11:00-11:10 – Paus

11:10-11:40 – The digital transformation of the Accounting industry
Peter Lauring, CEO ECIT

11:40-11:55 – Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard (NSRS)
Christine Lundberg Larsen, CEO/Hans Christian Ellefsen, technology and innovation Regnskap Norge

11:55-12:00 – Summery by moderator Mikael Carlson, Srf konsulterna

The Webinar is free of charge
Deadline for registration is March 16, limited number of participants

If you have any questions, please contact