About Srf konsulterna

Srf konsulterna, former Sveriges Redovisningskonsulters Förbund, SRF, is the association of Swedish Accounting and Payroll consultants and was formed in 1936. Srf konsulterna has 3 600 Authorized Accountants and Payroll consultants as active members all over Sweden and a total of 7 000 members, engaged by 300 000 companies, both Swedish and international.

We demand that all our consultants are highly qualified, committed to quality in their work as well as their own personal development. A consultant’s competence is thoroughly screened during the recruitment stage.

We set the bar high for our members and our ethics are underpinned by the rigorous pursuit of quality. We also make sure that our members update their knowledge on a regular basis. This is crucial in the accountant’s and payroll consultant’s role as company advisor and partner.

An Authorized Accountant must follow the Swedish standard of accountancy, called Rex. He or she must also undergo regular quality checks made by Srf konsulterna every six years. The Authorization is a stamp of approval from Srf and warrants the accountant’s high level of competence and experience.

Our goal is that a consultant approved by the organisation is the natural option for any company or enterprise.

We carefully monitor the latest trends in finance, payroll and accounting, and we play an active role in government legislation through close co-operation with government authorities and other organisations.

Education and training is very important to us as we strive towards continual growth and development. We offer a wide range of courses, and through this, we are able to ensure that our members and professionals remain at the forefront, which in turn reinforces our customers’ trust in us.

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